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A team of young professionals

Wingam’s team of young, enthusiastic professionals strive to provide you with  excellent customer operation services in all three areas of Customer Support, Compliance, Quality Assurance, as well as Administrative Assistance.

Service Excellence

Our team at Wingam strives to bring excellent results to the table when it comes to backend office services. By outsourcing your services to us, you’ll be able to keep your business planning at center stage. Through already established know-how, our team of young professionals guarantee that all your services are up and running, while high-customer satisfaction is maintained.

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The Wingam Solutions

Customer Support

Setting up your own multichannel solution can be a time-consuming and costly process, as it requires a great level of expertise and expensive equipment.

Choosing to outsource your support team to us eases this burden and opens the door to quicker and sustainable growth. As part of the process, we offer access to the right equipment and excellent training for new employees according to your business needs.

With our high-level customer service, you will be able to lower your internal costs while still maintaining operational excellence.


The establishment of an in-house multichannel solution could be challenging due to an ongoing deficit of skilled professionals. This is the main reason for Wingam’s success as a great and profitable solution for businesses.

As a leading outsourcing company, we provide seamless performance of all processes, from compliance assessment to corrective actions, managed by highly experienced specialists.

We’ll provide you with predictive insights as a byproduct of our analytics and reporting tools, minimizing the use of internal resources and produces effective cost reduction.

Quality Control

Having an internally established QC team brings difficulties of its own, such as having to deal with an increased workload, higher initial training investment, and, as a result, reduced growth, and expansion.

Forget all about that.

Outsourcing your Quality Control team to Wingam would bypass all these burdens and provide you with an extremely experienced team, you can rely on. We specialize in call handling and recording, data reporting and analytics, quality, and quantity reports, with a guarantee for excellence and accountability of our services.

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