Our Services

A team of accomplished professionals

Wingam’s team of accomplished professionals aim to simply provide you with what you are looking for: service high-quality in all three areas of Customer Support, Compliance, Quality Assurance, as well as Administrative assistance.

Service Excellence

We strive to bring excellent results in terms of customer satisfaction rate to the table, while enabling you to keep your business planning at center stage. Moreover, we grant you access to highly experienced professionals with their already established know-how, as well as regular quality reporting with a guarantee of service excellence.

The Wingam Solutions

Setting up one’s own multichannel solution can be a time-consuming and costly process, as it requires great levels of expertise, access to modern equipment.

However, choosing to outsource your support team to us eases this burden, as it opens up the door for gaining quicker access to the right equipment, modern technology and excellent trainings for new employees, followed by continuous education on a regular basis.

In short, through our services you will be able to provide high-level customer service, lowering your internal overhead costs, while maintaining your business planning a focal point of your strategy.

Due to an ongoing deficit of skilled professionals, establishing an in-house multichannel solution proves itself to be more challenging than ever. Exactly here lies the explanation as to why Wingam’s services act out as a great, profitable solution to businesses.

As a skilled outsourcing company, we deliver extensively experienced specialists, a seamless performance of end-to-end processes (ranging from compliance assessment to corrective action), as well as quality through leveraging structured processes.

Through the byproducts of our analytics and reporting tools, we will provide you with predictive insights, which lift the weight off of internal infrastructural changes, minimize the use of inner resources and provide an effective cost reduction.

Having an internally established QC team brings with itself difficulties such as having to deal with an increased workload, a higher initial training outlay and, as a result, a harder development in terms of expansion.

Forget about all that.

Outsourcing your Quality Assurance team to Wingam would make those aforementioned endeavors an easier target, as we provide a team of extremely experienced professionals, regular reporting of data you can rely on, diligent recording of calls, quality and quantity reports, analytics and accountability with a guarantee for the excellence and high performance of our service.

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