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We know how time-consuming and difficult managing your customer-oriented operations can be. Our team at Wingam is here to streamline all of your processes, allowing you to put your business on center stage and focus on what’s important.



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Wingam is a reliable and responsible partner, able to provide you with nothing but high-quality services.

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Low-cost, high-quality professional customer operation services

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Wingam’s aim is make your customer operation services a seamless and hassle-free process.

We will make a difference – by outsourcing your customer support team to our call center, your backend office operations will be in the hands of a team of young professionals, applying their experience and expertise for your benefit. Our experience and professional know-how guarantee professional service management, as well high-quality monitoring.

In addition, regular performance reports and access to report scheduling grants our clients with more control over data. This way you will have access to real-time and structured reporting of communication channels fitting your business’s needs.

By letting us manage your backend office, we guarantee steady cost reduction, while maintaining quality of service and high customer satisfaction.

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